Audio Postcard: TGIF in Wilder Bowl

August 31, 2016

Communications Staff

Wilder Bowl filled with people. Acrobats start to climb on top of each other.
TGIF on Wilder Bowl.
Photo credit: Matthew Lester

TGIF Audio Postcard

The scene: a warm, sunny, Friday afternoon. It’s around 4 o’clock, most classes have ended, and music blasts from speakers on the steps of Wilder Hall. Across the lush lawn known as Wilder Bowl, the campus community comes out to catch up with friends, frolic in the grass, and generally unwind from the week. You might see jugglers and circus performers, you may hear musicians practicing, or you could join a game of Frisbee. This is TGIF at Oberlin, a campus tradition for as long as anyone can remember. It’s just like a college postcard.

You get the picture. But to take it a step further, to experience TGIF, plug in your headphones and listen to a binaural audio postcard that will transport you to that sunny scene.

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