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Alumni to Request Campus Photos in April Campaign

April 1, 2016

Lisa Gulasy

It’s not unusual to see students snapping photos of themselves or their friends, but this month, a handful of students may be focusing their cameras on faculty and staff, and we thought you’d want to know why.

From now until the end of April, the Oberlin Annual Fund is asking alumni to participate in its Still Oberlin giving campaign. Alumni who visit and make a gift to the Oberlin Annual Fund can request a campus photo of their choice. Student photographers, under the direction of the Office of Communications, will be dispatched to capture requested images, which will then be emailed to the alumni as a thank you.

Additionally, photos will be posted to a public Flickr page to inspire more alumni to get involved. Photos may be used for future college and conservatory publications, including but not limited to the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, the Source, and Oberlin College and its affiliated social media accounts.

“Still Oberlin is an innovative approach to annual fundraising,” says Connie Skingel, director of the annual fund. “To our knowledge, no other school is doing anything quite like it. We hope it is a lot of fun for the entire Oberlin community.”

While there are limitations to what alumni can request—photographers will not enter student dorms, for example—Oberlin Annual Fund staff anticipate a wide array of requests, from favorite study spots to influential professors. If a photo is requested of a particular faculty or staff member, the individual will be informed of the request via email. All contacted individuals have the option of not having their photograph taken if that is preferred.

Faculty and staff are also invited to make gifts and submit photo requests throughout the campaign (April 1-30) on the webpage There’s no minimum gift, but your generosity is appreciated.

To learn more about the Still Oberlin campaign, visit Questions or concerns should be directed to Connie Skingel, director of the annual fund (

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