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Latinx students and staff
Latinx students and staff.
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Latinx Student Organizations

La Alianza Latinx (LAL)

La Alianza Latinx is the unifying Latinx student organization on campus that serves as an educational, political and social space. LAL’s mission is to foster a community that allows for the growth of the Latinx community on campus, and self-awareness about issues facing the community within and outside of Oberlin’s campus. It also serves as the umbrella organization to the Latinx Heritage Series and Biennial Latinx Film Series planning committees.
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Movimiento is an inclusive Latinx oriented dance group that focuses on exploring various dance styles from Bachata to Merengue, to Salsa, and Reggaeton. The group provides a space for people to explore these cultural dance forms outside of the classroom context, emphasizing how dance has impacted our social, political, and personal interactions within and outside of the Latinx community.

Obies for Undocumented Inclusion (OUI)

Obies for Undocumented Inclusions is an organization dedicated to providing equal access to educational and social opportunities for DACA/Undocumented students by transforming the institutional structures of support on Oberlin’s campus. OUI is currently raising money for an endowed scholarship fund that will emulate other programs such as: the QuestBridge Scholars Program, Posse Scholars Program, and Bonner Scholars Program.

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) is pleased to co-sponsor and provide support for Latinx Heritage Series each year. LHS is a year-long series of speakers, screenings, performances, and gatherings organized by the community of Latinx students, in collaboration with the MRC as well as other faculty and staff at Oberlin College, around topics related to the diverse Latinx heritage. The goals of Latinx Heritage Series are:

  • To celebrate Latinidad as a quintessentially diverse, transnational, and changing phenomenon in the Americas and the rest of the world
  • For faculty, staff, and students, both Latinx and non-Latinx, to teach and learn about the past, present, and future of Latinidad
  • To highlight the achievements and creativity of Oberlin’s Latinx communities by showcasing cutting edge Latinx scholarship, cultural production, and performance
  • To foment informed, engaged reflection and dialogue on what might constitute Latinidad in different historical and geographical contexts; on the social, cultural, and political importance of Latinx communities in the U.S. and elsewhere; and on the relationships among different diasporic Latino/a communities, and their relationships with Latin America
  • To reach out to broader Latinx community in Northeast Ohio
  • To celebrate the various relationships Latinxs build with other communities throughout the United States and the ways in which together they create meaningful new communities, cultural knowledge and expressions
  • To build coalitions with other marginalized communities in a struggle for social justice