Mahmuda Afrin Badhan

  • Visiting Professor of Astronomy


Mahmuda Afrin Badhan completed a PhD in exoplanet atmosphere modeling at the University of Maryland, where she conducted research at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her PhD work, primarily theoretical and empirical in nature, involved modeling and interpreting atmosphere predictions of planets predicted to be observable through current and future (planned) space missions.

In 2019 she took up postdoctoral research in the physics department at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, working on reduction and analysis of data from a ground-based telescope. She completed undergraduate studies at Mount Holyoke College.

  • Exoplanet habitability/astrobiology
  • Planetary atmosphere sensing in UV
  • Optical and infrared via space telescopes
  • Star-planet interactions
  • Planet detection via ground-based IFU spectrographs
  • Interdisciplinary research

  • GRC Student Travel Grant: awarded by SOC to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Origins of Solar Systems 
  • AbSciCon Travel Grant: awarded by the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) to attend the AbSciCon 2017 
  • UMCP Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Award: awarded by the Graduate School (GS) to attend the 228th AAS meeting May ’16 1st Place, Physics & Astro
  • GRAD 2016: travel award for best oral presentation in campus-wide thesis competition 
  • Dean’s Fellowship: recruitment fellowship awarded by the GS to the top students in the incoming class 
  • Rogers D. Rusk Memorial Prize: departmental prize awarded to a major for showing distinction in physics 
  • MHC Leadership Awards: merit-based scholarship awarded for exemplary secondary school records
  • Honor Societies: ΔΑΠ (Students with Disabilities, 2014—), ΣΞ (Scientific Research, 2011—), ΣΠΣ (Physics, 2010—)