Book on desk near student attending a talk in a large lecture hall.
Lawyer and legal analyst Kimberly Wehle, author of ‘‘How to Read the Constitution and Why,’’ gives a guest lecture in Nancy Schrom Dye Lecture Hall. Photo credit: Michael Hartman
Program Overview

Law and Society

Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Law and Society

The Law and Society Program often serves as a springboard to careers or further study in journalism, education, teaching, litigation, and more. This cross-disciplinary major explores concepts and subjects central to understanding the role of law and legal institutions in society. Coursework, research seminars, along with public presentations and lectures by visiting scholars, jurists, and lawyers enhance the program of study.

Why Study Law and Society at Oberlin?

Variety of Courses
Associated Faculty
Study Away Programs

Sample Courses

  • PSYC 218 - Social Psychology 4 credits
  • PHIL 225 - Environmental Ethics 4 credits
  • LAWS 200 - Law and Society: An Overview 4 credits
  • LAWS 400 - Legal Advocacy 4 credits

Law and Society Faculty

Faculty in the Law and Society Program teach a range of subjects to support the cross-disciplinary structure of the program. Faculty bring their expertise from such disciplines as history, politics, psychology, sociology, economics, Africana studies, and comparative American studies. They are committed to undergraduate education and teach everything from first-year seminars to advanced courses.

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