Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Training, Education and Outreach

Oberlin College offers regular prevention programs and ongoing education programs for all students and employees.

All new and transfer students and all new employees will receive education on non-discrimination and anti-harassment, including Title IX Sexual Harassment training, within three months of their enrollment or appointment. All continuing employees are expected to complete non-discrimination and anti-harassment training, including Title IX Sexual Harassment training, on a biennial basis. The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will provide all continuing students and employees with opportunities for education on new policies and best practices for creating diverse, equitable, inclusive communities of excellence.

Members of the college community are encouraged to contribute to the prevention, intervention, and effective response to sexual misconduct. All members of the community may play a role in building a safe and just educational environment by:

  • modeling healthy and respectful behavior in personal and professional relationships;

  • increasing personal awareness of what constitutes discrimination and harassment;

  • speaking out against anti-social behavior that serves to encourage discrimination and harassment or to discourage reporting;

  • developing the necessary skills to be an effective and supportive ally to people who has experienced discrimination and harassment;

  • intervening in situations that can lead to discrimination and harassment, and;

  • interrupting an incident of discrimination and harassment when it is safe to do so.

The College will ensure that the Title IX Coordinator and any other employees who are involved in processing, investigating, or resolving complaints of discrimination and harassment receive training on the College’s responsibility to respond to allegations of misconduct in a prompt, fair, and equitable manner.