Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Consent Month/Sexual Harm Awareness Month

April 2021

The Office of EDI and PRSM, in conjunction with the Peer Support Center and SOSHA (Survivors of Sexual Harm and Allies) will offer a wide range of programming this month to bring awareness about the harm people have experienced and to remind the Oberlin community about ways to prevent this harm from happening.

Event topics will include consent, healthy relationships, how to support those who have experienced harm, and how to engage with each other when members of our community have experienced or caused harm.

List of Events

All times are Eastern U.S.

Healthy Relationships Workshop (PRSM)

Sunday, April 4
2 to 3 p.m.

In this workshop we will discuss different ways to establish and respect boundaries in various types of relationships, including (but not limited to) sexual, romantic, familial, etc.

Register: Healthy Relationships

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action

Tuesday, April 6

Wear teal! Teal is the color of sexual violence prevention. Share your support with family and friends on social media using #SAAM2021. Start conversations that create visibility for survivors, and educate those around you about consent!

For more information, see the National Sexual Violence Resource Center information page.

Workshop: Telling Your Story (SOSHA)

Friday, April 9
12:30 to 2 p.m.

This is a workshop in preparation for the “I Am” art installation (April 27-29th)- individuals who plan to submit their story are welcome, as well as those who are just interested in gaining insight into storytelling. This workshop will be led by Oberlin Writing Associates, and will include discussion, a creative activity, and time for working on a piece of writing with an Associate.

Register: Telling Your Story

Art and Resources Table at TGIF on Wilder Bowl (PRSM and SOSHA)

Friday, April 9
4 p.m.

Stop by Wilder Bowl to visit the PRSM and SOSHA Resources Table at TGIF! Pick up snacks, consent themed gear, art supplies for making spring-themed cards, or purchase a SOSHA Sexual Assault Awareness Month bracelet!

Trivia Night (PRSM)

Saturday, April 10
7 to 8 p.m.

Trivia night with a twist! Join us virtually for consent themed trivia with the chance to win prizes! Register as an individual or on a team.

Register: Trivia Night

Listening Session on "Active Voice”: Using Language that Holds Abusers Accountable (SOSHA)

Sunday, April 11
1 to 3 p.m.

Too often, sexual harm is only described as something that “occurs” or “happens” to survivors. For example, focus is often put on the volume of individuals who experienced sexual harm, rather than talking about the individuals who perpetrate sexual harm. In using passive language, we shift the responsibility for change off of perpetrators and onto survivors. Another example: “violence against women”- this passive construction removes the active agent in this phrase, and creates the illusion that there is no one committing violent acts. During this listening session, we will unpack the feelings behind the language we use to discuss sexual harm, and how we can use active voice as a mode for radical transformation of our sexual violence prevention methods. 

Register: Active Voice

Support Skills Workshop (PRSM and Peer Support Center)

Saturday, April 17
2:30 to 4 p.m.

The Peer Support Center offers a workshop called Active Listening Skills for Obies, aka ALSO. Active listening and helping skills are invaluable to our ability to support one another as a part of our campus’ community. These skills are useful in a wide range of settings, from informal social situations to peer leadership roles and can increase a person's positive impact in a classroom, a career, or even a crisis. Through ALSO, participants will improve active listening and helping skills, learn resource information, and build on their experiences and strengths through interactive activities in small groups, learning from peer facilitators and from each other. This specific workshop will be hosted by PRSM, where we will discuss how to support someone who has experienced sexual harm.

Register: Support Skills

Social Community Building and Creating a Collective Collage (SOSHA)

Sunday, April 18
Noon to -1:30 p.m.

This event is intended as a virtual space to continue to build and strengthen community amongst survivors and allies. This will be a time for anyone to make a virtual poster, representing what they would be holding if we were able to have in-person marches this year. 

Register: Social Community Building

Consent for Men Workshop (PRSM)

Sunday, April 18
2 to 3:30 p.m.

This workshop will look at the way men are socialized and how that impacts how men intervene in the problematic behavior of other men and how it impacts how men respond to stories of harm from nonmen.

Register: Consent for Men

Listening Session on Holding Onto Hope:  How to find resilience when healing takes time (SOSHA)

Sunday, April 25
Noon to 1:30 p.m.

It's no secret that healing from trauma takes time. SOSHA emphasizes that healing is not linear, but how do we keep hope when progress is not visible to the eye? This listening session will involve talking about stages of healing, and where we can find opportunities for hope - which are often created and sustained by being in community with others. 

Register: Holding Onto Hope 

Consent in Athletics (PRSM)

Sunday, April 25
2 to 3:30 p.m.

This workshop will discuss the components of an inclusive team culture as well as what it means to navigate Oberlin's campus as a student athlete. We will talk about how to be a supportive teammate while also holding each other accountable to ensure that these discussions continue each year.

Register: Consent in Athletics

Mia Mingus Lecture and Q&A on Transformative Justice

Mia MingusMonday, April 26
7 to 9 p.m.
This event was originally scheduled for April 21.

How do we respond to violence within our own communities without relying on criminal justice systems? During this lecture, Mia Mingus will offer a basic introduction to and overview of the core concepts of transformative justice. It will be a space for participants to learn about transformative justice and how to begin thinking about how transformative justice could be applied to sexual harm prevention, as well as in response to instances of sexual harm. This lecture will be followed by a 45 minute Q&A session for audience questions.

Closed captioning will be available in the Zoom application. See instructions for accessing captions in the Zoom application on different devices.

Pre-registration is required for this event. If you previously registered for the April 21 date, you do not need to register again.

Register: Mia Mingus Lecture

Denim Day

Wednesday, April 28

Wear jeans in support of survivors! This yearly campaign began in response to a 1999 ruling by the Italian Supreme Court in which a rape conviction was overturned due to the victim wearing tight jeans, which they prescribed as implying consent. The following day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the survivor. Peace Over Violence developed the Denim Day campaign in response to this case and the activism surrounding it.

Learn about the history of Denim Day

"I Am" art installation (SOSHA)

April 27–29

A project for sharing survivor stories by Cait Boblitt '23, in collaboration with SOSHA and survivors everywhere. This is an audiovisual art installation done by Cait for her junior recital, and it will be held in the conservatory (more details on where/how to sign up for a time slot to visit to come). The installation will be one that visitors will walk through one person at a time, to symbolize the isolating nature of sexual violence. There will be stories/words physically hung up on the walls and voice recordings of stories/words being read out loud as a person makes their way through.

Visit the “I Am” project google form to share stories for inclusion in the installation.

Global Virtual Take Back the Night 

Thursday, April 29
8 to 9 p.m.

The Take Back the Night Foundation holds events in protest of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence. This is an international event for celebrating survivors and focusing in on the roles we all play in prevention of sexual violence.

Register: Take Back the Night