Free Teletherapy Available to All Oberlin Students

February 1, 2024 1:00 PM

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Oberlin has partnered with Uwill, a confidential teletherapy service that offers convenient access to free, professional mental-health support for all Oberlin students. With Uwill, you can choose a therapist based on availability, topic, gender, language spoken, race, and ethnicity. Services are available around the clock at any time of year and in any location.

Register today and book your first session on the UWill website using your Oberlin email address. Have questions? We’re here for you: Learn more through the following FAQ or reach out to us at caps@oberlin.edu.


What is Uwill?
Uwill is a service offered through the Office of Counseling and Pyschological Services (CAPS) that provides Oberlin students with free, confidential teletherapy and crisis support from licensed mental-health professionals.

    Who is eligible?
    Uwill is available to all Oberlin students who are currently enrolled, regardless of their location.

    Is there a charge?
    No, Uwill is available free of charge to all Oberlin College and Conservatory students.

    Do I have a choice of therapist?
    Yes, you can choose a therapist based on preferences including topic, gender, language, race, and ethnicity.

    Are convenient appointment times available?
    Yes, you may choose times that suit your schedule, including day, night, and weekend availability.

    Can I choose between video, phone, chat, and message-based support?
    Yes, you select the format that best suits you. After an initial session by video or phone, all subsequent sessions can be conducted via your choice of video, phone, chat, and messaging.

    How many Uwill sessions can I use?
    Students can access up to six sessions with a Uwill therapist each year.

    What can a Uwill therapist help me with?
    Uwill therapists offer a range of specialties and have extensive experience working with students. Many students utilize Uwill to help with mood changes, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, poor body image, academic challenges, and loneliness, among many other topics.

    Is it really private and secure?
    Yes, Uwill is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, which ensures the strictest privacy guidelines. Your data will never be shared—even anonymously—with any third party without your consent.

    What if I need urgent crisis support?
    If you are having thoughts of suicide, self-harm, or thoughts of harming others, please dial 988 (Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) or 911 immediately. All students are encouraged to visit Counseling and Psychological Services (located in Dascomb Hall) Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. or call 855-256-7160 for after-hours support. See these additional crisis-support resources.

    Which treatment approaches do the counselors utilize?
    Counselors available via Uwill take a solutions-oriented, holistic approach to treatment. Our therapists aim to work collaboratively with you to help you accomplish your goals through teaching tangible skills. This means that counselors focus on providing specific tools, coping skills, and resources to address the issues you are facing.

    How do I get started?
    To access Uwill, visit app.uwill.com. From there, register with your Oberlin email address. You will soon receive an email confirmation to complete the registration process. After confirming your address, you can select a counselor and schedule an appointment.

    What browser is best to access Uwill?
    For best performance, we recommend you use Chrome browser to access Uwill.

    Can I access technical support from Uwill?
    Absolutely. Uwill provides 24/7 technical support by email (support@uwill.com) and or phone: 833-998-9455.