Understanding of Procedures: The Hotel at Oberlin Services

June 26, 2023 11:00 AM

Office of the Controller

The Hotel at Oberlin is a retail facility that provides accommodations and conferences services to the public and also rents office and classroom space to the college. The hotel is owned by the college, but it is independently managed and the operation of the facility is distinctly separate from the college. 

Anyone in the campus community utilizing the hotel’s service for institutional business should view transactions with the hotel the same as any third-party vendor. To streamline the processing of services provided by the hotel, we are providing the following outline of procedures:

Utilizing the Hotel at Oberlin - 1833 Restaurant

The 1833 Restaurant is the restaurant located within the hotel. Services utilized at the 1833 Restaurant should be paid through either:

     1.  A Local Vendor Form (LVF). Please see new form and procedures
          established regarding the LVF.

               a.  Please note, a copy of the detail receipt is required.
               b.  Consider taking a picture of the itemized receipt if a second copy is not

     2.     Credit card, reimbursement follows the Chrome River policy/procedures.
     3.     Charge to hotel room.

Utilizing The Hotel at Oberlin – rooms and conference services

The hotel may provide rooms to college guests and conference space for college events. When departments utilize these services, the budget or index owner will be responsible for ensuring payment is made for these services. 

The hotel management will email invoices to the designated department index owner. Upon receipt of these invoices, department index owners are required to submit the invoice via Obiebuy. Please see Obiebuy policies and procedures.

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of payments associated with the services provided by The Hotel at Oberlin, please contact the Controller’s Office/Accounting Manager