Drupal update: New features coming to Office pages

August 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Office of Communications

The webteam would like to give you a quick heads-up about some new features coming to Office pages in Drupal. The updates will arrive in two phases. You will start seeing updates in the next few days to the “edit” page for your Office home page; please know that no changes will occur to your Office home page until you begin using these optional new features.

The new features will debut with the six offices of the Center for Engaged Liberal Arts (CELA), who are working with Josh Sperling in the college dean’s office to create content for the new features. All other offices, please check in with the webteam before using the new features, so we can provide additional training.

Coming updates:

  • In the next week, we will be introducing new Hero region and closing Large Image Feature panels to Office pages. For some offices, these features can offer a chance to provide a more striking and dynamic visual introduction to the office. These will function similarly to the features at the top and bottom of the new college Department pages, such as the English page.
  • “Phase two” will follow soon after; we’re developing a new suite of features that will offer some offices more opportunity to present additional content on the Office home page. More details will be available when those features are ready to launch.

Thank you!
Oberlin College Webteam