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Monica Dix

Senior Admissions Fellow: Monica Dix

young woman wearing dark oversized glasses in white blouse and plaid jacket.
Photo credit: Shafe Selvidge ’21

Shorewood, Wisconsin, native Monica Dix (she/her) is majoring in geology and politics. She loves researching land use and water quality all over the world and is currently managing a geomorphology research lab on campus.

She writes for The Synapse , an Oberlin-based, intercollegiate science magazine. She has led the Oberlin College Democrats and Oberlin College Friendship Circle, but her favorite jobs on campus have been as a Peer Advising Leader and inspector of industrial kitchens through the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association.

Monica hopes to spend her time after Oberlin studying river systems, disaster risk, and resilience.

Her favorite aspect about Oberlin is the way we work together as a community to collaborate on what we’re passionate about and create beautiful things together.

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