CIT Extends OCMail Beyond Graduation

April 30, 2019 9:45 AM

Center for Information Technology

Wherever life after graduation takes you, your Oberlin email account will follow along, too

In an effort to help graduates transition to the world outside Oberlin, stay connected to the college community, and in accordance with the Oberlin College Strategic Plan 2016–2021 , CIT extends the use of your OCApps account beyond graduation. Your OCApps account will remain active for approximately four years* after graduation. Your account will be deleted on the Friday before Commencement, four years after you graduate.

This means you may continue to use your username@oberlin.edu email address to correspond with prospective employers and graduate schools, take advantage of your unlimited storage, as well as share documents in OCDocs and OCSites you created while you were a student.

Best of all, this will happen automatically. For example, if you graduate in May 2016, you can continue to use your current OCApps account, change your password using OCPass, and access your PRESTO records just as you do now.

Keep in mind that alumni will not have access to all the digital resources they use today as a student. For example, you will not have access to Blackboard, VPN, Oberlin College Library databases and journals, and software you obtained while you were a student such as Microsoft Office 365 will expire upon graduation.

Four Years Later...

Four years after graduation, your OCApps account will be permanently and irretrievably deleted. If you want to move email messages and documents to a personal account before then, see the instructions on the CIT Tech Support portal for help with archiving your data.

Questions and Concerns

If you need any assistance retrieving messages, files, or have questions, please contact the CIT Help Desk at (440) 775-8197, cit@oberlin.edu, or by visiting us in the Academic Commons.

*CIT retains the right to terminate your account due to inactivity or violations of the Acceptable Use Policy