Am I eligible to participate in SOAR?

If you are a) a sophomore and b) not going to be enrolled in classes during the Spring 2021 semester, you are eligible to participate. Students who are enrolled in classes during the Spring 2021 semester are not eligible.

Do I need to declare my major in advance?

No. SOAR is intended for both declared and undeclared students. Have a major? Great! Don’t have one? Still great! SOAR is perfect for helping you figure out your next steps, regardless of where you’re starting.

Can I be a Double Degree student?

Yes! Any eligible Arts & Sciences or Double Degree sophomore can participate in SOAR.

Is this program required? Can I choose to do another Winter Term project?

The program is not required, but we encourage sophomores on the fall–summer enrollment track to participate in order to both stay on track to complete their Winter Term requirements and find meaningful opportunities to add to their resume during their spring semester away from campus. Students who will be away from campus in the spring and are considering not participating in SOAR should consult with their academic advisors. Students can also consult the Winter Term site for more information.

Do I need to participate in the Winter Term in order to receive funding for an opportunity during the spring semester?

Yes — students must successfully complete the Winter Term program in order to be eligible for funding for the remainder of the spring.

Do I have to participate in both components of the program — the Winter Term and the experiential component during the rest of the spring?

No, both components are not required. Students who participate in the Winter Term program can choose to forego the experiential component and instead pursue an independent opportunity during the rest of the spring semester. However, only students who participate in the experiential component will be eligible for funding through the program. The Winter Term retreat is required for participation in the experiential component.

Can I find my own internship or research for the experiential component that takes place February–April?

The short answer is: Yes, following the Winter Term retreat, students will be able to find an experience of their own to pursue. More details about this option will be made available shortly.

What is the time commitment for SOAR?

A more detailed schedule of the Winter Term program will be made available during the fall semester. In the meantime, students should expect to attend full days of programming Monday through Friday, with adjusted hours to accommodate students in a range of time zones. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory in order to receive Winter Term credit and be eligible for funding for the remainder of the spring. Students who choose to participate in the program’s experiential component should also assume a full-time commitment, and details about specific opportunities will be made available during the Winter Term program.