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ObieSafe Weekly Special Issue: November 13, 2020

November 13, 2020 1:45 PM

Office of Communications

RAs urge residents to be mindful of travel plans.

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coming into the home stretch

Transcription follows.
Created for ObieSafe by the talented Beth Wolfensberger Singer P’19.

Four illustrations of campus landmarks, each with a speech bubble.

  1. Bibbins Hall. "Don't slack or or you might contract a cough."
  2. Talcott Hall. "Keep your bod in check or Thanksgiving is a wreck."
  3. Hall Auditorium. "Don't get sloppy or we're parking your jalopy." A passer-by questions "Jalopy?" in a thought bubble.
  4. Memorial Arch. "Be vigilant as hell or the exit plans won't gel. (smiley face)" Student 1: "It's almost like the college has a message for us or something." Student 2: "I noticed, yes."

RAs urge residents to take precautions before traveling and visiting family

By Carolina Johnson, fourth-year Resident Assistant in Burton Hall

As many of us prepare to leave campus and travel home to visit family, the safety precautions we take have not only to do with our concern for the community here in Oberlin but also for our communities and families at home. As Resident Assistants (RAs), we ask that our residents are considerate of the fact that some of us may be isolating previous to our travels. We hope that everyone will remember that while we are employees of the college, first and foremost we are students.

Acts of care include:

  • Wearing your mask and practicing social distancing in our halls. When RAs intervene in unsafe situations, we are putting ourselves at a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it back to our families and communities at home. For our sake, as well as for yourselves and the people you may be visiting, follow the ObieSafe guidelines, and stay extra vigilant as we prepare to depart from campus.

  • Try to remember your IDs as you leave your rooms. While RAs on duty are always willing to help when you get locked out, we have seen a significant number of lockouts this semester mostly due to the dorm rooms being single occupancy. As RAs prepare to leave, we ask that even these brief moments of personal contact be avoided as a safety measure to protect us as students.

  • Show care for yourself and those around you, and know that we as RAs are here to support you even if much of that support is currently done virtually.

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