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ObieSafe Weekly: February 16, 2021

February 16, 2021 2:00 PM

Office of Communications

The making of Winter Oberland; stay active at the wellness center

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coronavirus Testing Results
February 9–15
New Tests 786
New Positives 3
% Positive 0.38%
The data reported here reflect Oberlin’s testing protocol only. Cumulative totals and information on testing procedures are available at the ObieSafe website.

Build your snow skills

Transcription follows.
Created for ObieSafe by Boston-based artist Beth Wolfensberger Singer P’19.

Oberlin outdoor winter to-dos: An informal checklist

Snowy scenes in five panels.

  1. Sled down "Mount Oberlin" behind Philips. (Shows people sledding down a hill.)
  2. Find and recruit friends from other climates to teach/learn snow-building skills. (People building a snowman and throwing snowballs.)
  3. Leave a message outside a dorm. (Someone has made a giant heart with footprints.)
  4. Hunt for paw prints in the arb. (Two people examine tracks in the snow. One says, "Skunk?" The other responds, "Oh-oh.")
  5. Appreciate the multiple functions of masks. (Someone is bundled up with a coat, ear muffs, hat, and of course a mask. Thought bubble: "Hygge face."

The making of Winter Oberland

Go behind the scenes to watch the preparation and building of Winter Oberland, the winter play space on Wilder Bowl. Students, faculty, and staff in Oberlin’s testing protocol are invited to join the festivities. Celebrate TGIF with hot beverages, ice skating, and photo ops with ice sculptures. On Saturday, February 20, join us for an ice sculpture demonstration to see how those blocks of ice come alive.

Spring YeoFit: What to expect at the gym

The YeoFit spring schedule is up and running! If you’re thinking about taking a class or using the Rec Center facilities, take a minute to review the spring term facilities COVID-19 FAQ and facilities protocols. You must be in Oberlin’s COVID-19 testing system to gain entrance to the wellness center. Users are required to wear a mask at all times, including when exercising in all fitness spaces, on cardio machines, in the weight room, and during YeoFit classes. View the spring hours of operation.

Add your preferred contact to the Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Clarification: Parents who wish to receive notifications from Oberlin's EAS must have their student add their parents' contact information in their profile.

Oberlin automatically sends emergency alerts to all Oberlin-issued email addresses for students, faculty, and staff, as well as to students via phone by using their contact phone numbers on file with the Registrar's Office. Faculty and staff also receive calls on their campus phone numbers. Everyone can add their preferred contact information into the EAS, such as a cell phone or alternative email address. Parents can also be enrolled to receive campus alerts through their student's profile. Students must add their parents' contact information. Learn how to enroll in the EAS.

Faculty and staff can pick up new masks

Faculty and staff may pick up a pack of five masks at your February test. Plan to pick up your masks at your scheduled February test. Please do not go to the testing center to pick up your masks until your scheduled test for the month.

Questions we've been asked

Q. What will the 2021-2022 calendar look like? With the fall 2021 term starting late, how will the rest of the year be affected?

A. We are still determining this and will publish the academic calendar as soon as possible. We will attempt to be minimally disruptive while also giving some time for a break between semesters. Read more in the Academic Calendar section of the Spring 2021 FAQ

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