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ObieSafe Update: June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022 12:15 PM

The ObieSafe Team

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On-Campus Testing Ends June 3

This Friday, June 3 is the last day that symptomatic and asymptomatic testing will be available on campus in Hales Gym during published hours. Testing will not take place over the summer months. 

PCR test results will still take 2 to 4 days to be returned, so plan ahead if you need a test for travel or comfort purposes when heading to your summer destination. If you only need a rapid test, you can let the testing center staff know. Rapid test results are available in a matter of minutes, but may not always be accepted by all airlines, venues, or travel destinations so remember to check ahead of time what kind of test you may need.

End-of-Year Isolation Policies

Please take extra care during these last few days of the semester to avoid exposure to COVID-19. ObieSafe policies indicate that any student who requires isolation or quarantine prior to summer break to remain in isolation until their clear date. Isolation is required for those who test positive for COVID-19. Quarantine is required for unvaccinated individuals who are close contacts of a positive person. 

Isolation and quarantine limit exposure of others to COVID-19. Traveling and being in public may potentially infect others.

Students who opt to leave isolation or quarantine prior to their clear date will be in violation of ObieSafe policies and may receive a warning letter for non-compliance. Student Affairs will review each case on an individual basis. 

Everyone should be diligent about wearing a mask indoors to decrease the risk of exposure. Stay home if you don’t feel well. If you are with someone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, wear your mask and maintain distance.

Rapid Test Kits Available for Summer

Students who are staying on campus in approved summer housing will be able to locate rapid test kits to use should they begin to experience any symptoms of COVID-19. On-campus testing will not be provided during the summer months. Further information on how to request a kit over the summer will be provided.

ObieSafe Weekly Summer Schedule

ObieSafe weekly emails will be incorporated into the Campus Digest schedule through the summer months after today. Information regarding policy updates or important information for next academic year will be shared via dedicated emails to our campus community. 

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