students review books inside a library.
During winter term, students do research on sculptor and Oberlin alumna Edmonia Lewis in the college’s Special Collections. Photo credit: Zach Christy
Program Overview

Book Studies

Program Type: Minor

Book Studies is designed to provide pathways for students interested in books as communication, material culture, and artistic media on a global scale. It takes two core approaches—history and theory, and practice—to help students experience how making and creating go hand in hand with thinking and analyzing.

Sample Courses

  • FYSP 128 - Media and Memory 4 credits
  • ARTH 211 - Illuminated Manuscripts 4 credits
  • ENGL 357 - Inventing America: Histories of the Book, Archive, and Empire 4 credits
  • ARTS 011 - Visual Concepts and Processes: Screenprinting 4 credits

Book Studies Faculty

Book Studies draws its faculty and affiliate faculty from throughout the college to explore this inherently interdisciplinary field of study. Faculty expertise includes the disciplines of art history, fine arts, electronic media, English, East Asian studies, and library and special collections.

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Book Studies News

Laura Baudot

Books at Work, In Oberlin

August 13, 2018
A longtime professor of English and now associate dean of the college of arts and sciences at Oberlin, Laura Baudot has long studied how people read, but now she’s asking a different question: why?
A student inspects a sheet of paper that is draped over 2 wooden rods above her..

Learning through the Letterpress

April 15, 2015
In the Letterpress Studio, students get hands-on experience with printing presses to learn about literature and create new projects.