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Ness Smith-Savedoff ’14

Hi, I'm Ness. I was born in Maryland, lived over seas in Geneva, Switzerland, wound up in Portland, Maine, and now when I head home, it's to an island in the Kennebec River called Arrowsic. Music has always been a part of me, singing with my family, with friends, then playing Suzuki violin, classical and jazz bass, and now drums. I sang with Village Harmony, and I played in DysFunktional Mayhem.

In high school I was introduced to radio and audio editing and it has since become my favorite medium in which to work. Through trainings and shows on Blunt Youth Radio I developed a sense of what could be done with audio. I went on to make radio pieces and DJ for WMPG, MPBN, WOBC, and FSRN. I've also mixed audio for Harvestworks, the Center for Global Development, and my high school. What began as an experience in radio journalism has turned into a daily activity. At Oberlin my love for sound has manifested itself in the contra dance band, Gallimaufry, and a number of TIMARA classes, where I got my hands dirty with different audio editing programs and listening exercises/experiences. I was also the news editor for WOBC and now, as an audio blogger, I'll be applying these skills to bring the sounds of this school to you.

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