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Music and More #10 - Hannah Hammel

February 14, 2015

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Hi podcast listeners! On today's episode we are joined by Oberlin flutist Hannah Hammel (we know, so many Hannahs) and we have a really great conversation. This may be our best one yet.

  • A bit about Hannah! 0:48
  • Theory minor 1:02
  • Teaching experience (theory and private lessons) 1:34
  • "How does teaching affect your own experience playing?" 2:53
  • Being a professor vs. teaching younger students 3:29
  • Main goal in music career 4:15
  • Deciding whether to dance or play flute 5:00
  • Musical Moment 5:15
  • "Thanks Mom" 5:35
  • Davis applied to all the conservatories 6:55
  • Connection of art forms (literary and music) 7:23
  • "Dance and music are married" 7:53
  • Dancing at Oberlin 8:14
  • POP 8:23
  • Exercise 9:18
  • "We'll cut that part out. Ma'ayan I go to class." Also, we don't sleep. 9:52
  • Being a student and a teacher simultaneously 10:13
  • "We're all a combination of those who have influenced us." 11:39

We hope you enjoy this episode. Look for part 2 soon!

Team H&D

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