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Music and More #10 - Hannah Hammel

February 14, 2015

Hi podcast listeners! On today's episode we are joined by Oberlin flutist Hannah Hammel (we know, so many Hannahs) and we have a really great conversation. This may be our best one yet.

  • A bit about Hannah! 0:48
  • Theory minor 1:02
  • Teaching experience (theory and private lessons) 1:34
  • "How does teaching affect your own experience playing?" 2:53
  • Being a professor vs. teaching younger students 3:29
  • Main goal in music career 4:15
  • Deciding whether to dance or play flute 5:00
  • Musical Moment 5:15
  • "Thanks Mom" 5:35
  • Davis applied to all the conservatories 6:55
  • Connection of art forms (literary and music) 7:23
  • "Dance and music are married" 7:53
  • Dancing at Oberlin 8:14
  • POP 8:23
  • Exercise 9:18
  • "We'll cut that part out. Ma'ayan I go to class." Also, we don't sleep. 9:52
  • Being a student and a teacher simultaneously 10:13
  • "We're all a combination of those who have influenced us." 11:39

We hope you enjoy this episode. Look for part 2 soon!

Team H&D

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