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The Long Road Home

January 27, 2009

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

I have mixed feelings about titling these posts with generalizations and cliched things, and then taking them completely off the deep end. (A tiny pleasure of mine? Who knows?) But I swear, this one actually has to do with the title.

Well, I just checked Weather.com and it says that tomorrow is going to be craptastic in terms of weather on both ends of my trip. My journey starts in Manhattan, where the weather is calling for "Winter Mix" (which, when it occurs in Oberlin, is just called "Ohio," since it's standard can't-decide-if-it's-rain-snow-sleet-or-hail-but-it's-still-goddamned-cold-and-disgusting-out-but-don't-lie-you-love-it weather... from December to April) and ends in the glorious Oberlin, where it's supposed to be snowing, to pile on top of what I hear is already a couple inches. Right now I'm really hoping I can get back.

What can I tell you? I'm really excited. I love the journey back to Oberlin, especially when I've been away for so long. Fine, five weeks isn't a LONG time, but it feels like so much longer when you haven't been around Obies for a while.

I've had many returns to Oberlin... after two summers, multiple breaks, and a few brief stints around the area, I've had my fair share. My heart leaps every time the Welcome to Oberlin sign is passed on my re-entry to town.

I came back to Oberlin in late August to begin my work as an academic ambassador during orientation. If you head to and from Oberlin in low travel traffic, you may end up on the LCT shuttle from Oberlin to the airport (or vice versa) all by your lonesome except for the driver. On my way back to Oberlin, all I want is to daydream about how wonderful the place is.

On the LCT back in August, I decided to make a playlist, or as many of my friends like to call them, a mix. I distinguish between the two, though, since I compiled a bunch of songs that remind me of travelling, destinations, departures, love, and dreams. It took me until mid-December to make an actual mix of it, with thought to the songs, order, and meaning of each addition. Tomorrow will be my first opportunity to listen to my completed mix, The Long Road Home. That last leg that seems to last oh-so-long will be much quicker this time.

The Long Road Home:

1) Travelling Without Moving - Jamiroquai
2) Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison
3) Love Song - Sara Bareilles
4) Stay Home - Self
5) All Four Seasons - Sting
6) Our House - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
7) She's Leaving Home - The Beatles
8) Without Your Love - The Obertones
9) Bring It On Home - Led Zeppelin
10) The Distance - Cake
11) Planet Home - Jamiroquai
12) Going Home - The Rolling Stones
13) When I Get Home - Pentangle
14) Halfway Home - Jason Mraz
15) come on home - franz ferdinand
16) Comin' Home - The Rembrandts
17) Everything is Fine - The Inevitables

I'll make you a copy if you want.

Edit 4.9.15: most of these songs are now on Spotify. Want a playlist? Here you go!

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