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Jonathan Lucke '25

Hi! My name is Jonathan, I use he/him pronouns, and I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada. I live in Oberlin full-time now, including summers. So, if you couldn’t tell, I really love Oberlin. I’m in my fourth out of five years as a dual degree student, studying biology in the college and percussion in the conservatory. I also have an environmental studies minor and an integrative concentration in PACE (pedagogy, advocacy, community engagement).

I’m a senior fellow in both college & conservatory admissions, where I manage social media and give info sessions, tours, and interviews. I also host overnight students for our fly-in programs. Outside of admissions, I’m the faculty liaison & co-chair of the biology majors committee, a recording engineer with Conservatory Audio Services, and the conservatory liaison to the Survivors of Sexual Harm & Allies Organization (SOSHA). I’m also a member of the Multiracial Students Association (Multi)  and the Japanese Student Association (JSA).

I currently live in a house through our village housing program, but before then, I was a chronic South-campus resident. I know way too much about Oberlin, especially history, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! My favorite pastime is telling stories.

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