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That four letter word

December 28, 2008

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

I know your parents don't want to hear this, but Oberlin students use a bunch of dirty language. One of our favorites is work.

It's heard all the time in passing conversation, and you'll even use it yourself without catching it. Work is this amorphous body of things that must be done by some set future time, whether it be next week or the end of the semester. It can come in the form of reading, paper writing, studying, projects, group meetings, etc. It's an all-encompassing word that is used as the predominant excuse for not going somewhere or doing something, and it hangs over us in the evenings, on weekends, or anytime that we know we're supposed to be good little students but just really want to do something else. And we say it with bitterness, and heaviness, but know it is a horsepill we must swallow to make us good students and even better people.

Understanding the concept of work indicates a level of development in a college student's life. However, part of knowing what it means and entails also means that we know when a deadline isn't immediate. So sometimes we choose to head for the more time-pressing issues: fascinating lectures and forums, concerts at the 'Sco, recitals, and theater and dance performances.

Chances are the non-work options available to you are educational, culturally enhancing, and the kind of thing that you'd kick yourself for not going to. Is there a magical solution? One would say balancing work and play, but if you think about it... play is a four letter word too.

Are Oberlin students procrastinators? Not exactly. We just decide to organize our time to make sure we get the most of our educational experience.

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Hello, The New Year 2009 will be an adventure. It took me awhile to get myself to enjoy the world of the internet. I have been living a world win the last 25 years working and taking my passion to the extreme!. My passion was diving.! I ended the last 3 years living on the "Big Island" of Hawaii playing with my underwater video camera. I will be bringing that world to the internet soon. I recently found "Bablegum" which is has allowed the adventurer to bring his world to ALL.!. I sent a short note to the "UnderwaterTV.com" telling them I want to send my documentary film to them for the world to see my work. It wasn't made by the so called establishment multi-media filmakers. It was made by an amateur like me. Someone from Oberlin college contacted my e-mail adress and requested a copy of the "Isles of Shoals" film that I made the later part of the 20th century. It was a place where community, beauty, mystique,and lore has taken the imagination of so many to a life of adventure. As I browse "Oberlin College" and reading blogs and enthusiast of the school I came upon your note and decided to write and hope to encourage people like you to "GO FOR IT". I have recently retired and actually collected my first Social Security check last week and hope to get more and have that life we all hoped for become Reality!.. A faculty member of the school will be showing my film in the near future to students to enjoy.! I am so thrilled it is going to be seen by people of that school who seem to have there head together and are persuing the world with minds of conquering the "Unknown". I am residing in New England. NH is my place of residence. Being a widower and coming back to my birthplace I have reconnected with my High School "prom" girlfriend and we are together for life. She also became a widower 3 years ago. I am looking forward to heading back to Hawaii with her to let her enjoy a taste of "Paradise"!.. Today is one of those days when your happiness and passion collide and becomes the "Unknown".. I hope you didn't mind my expressing myself with you in the world of Cyberspace.! It is finally creating excitement in my life. Thank you, Laurent

Posted by: Laurent Pilotte on January 2, 2009 12:31 PM

Ma'ayan! The best form of procrastination ever:

Doing work in the wrong order. The work that I don't want to do is always due first. So instead, do the work that I *do* want to do. There's always more likable work than non-likable work, it's just shoved to the back of the deck. I suggest reshuffling! Edit the photos before writing the paper! Work on the novella instead of the analytical paper!

Posted by: Aries on January 2, 2009 2:12 PM

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