Communication Studies

Writing Resources for Students

Students can get assistance with writing and speaking in the Writing Center, which provides free drop-in writing consultation for students working on academic assignments for any class and on any topic. Trained student Writing Associates staff the center and welcome all writers to a private one-on-one writing session throughout the semester.

Students can visit the Writing Center for a session at any stage of their writing process. Students at the end of the writing process can also bring in their papers for help in sentence-level corrections and editing for flow and clarity.

Oberlin has a writing requirement for all students designed to help students develop the ability to communicate effectively in writing, understand writing as a process, engage in writing as a form of critical thinking, demonstrate rhetorical flexibility by addressing various audiences and purposes in their writing, and demonstrate awareness of the conventions and forms of writing in particular disciplines.

Students will take writing intensive courses and writing advance courses based on the major.

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