Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Awards

Best Paper in Jewish Studies

This aware carries a prize of $300 and will be awarded annually to the author of the best paper on a topic in Jewish Studies. Students may nominate themselves, or be nominated by a professor in any course, including Private Readings, in which the paper was produced. The paper must be written in the context of a course at Oberlin College and may be produced in either of the semesters.

Students should submit their papers to the program director at any time but no later than the last day of the spring semester exam period for consideration in a current year.

The paper should be the original one submitted in the course, with the instructor's grade and comments.

Please also submit a transcript of grades, inclusive to the date of the paper's submission (or including the first semester's grades, for submission in the spring semester). PRESTO transcript acceptable.

Intensive Study of Jewish Language

This award carries a prize of $400 and will be awarded for intensive study of a Jewish language—Yiddish, Ladino, Judeo-Arabic, Hebrew—in an approved language program in the United States or abroad.

To be considered, applicants must submit a request for the award to the program director; an Oberlin transcript (OberView transcript acceptable); details of the program they will attend (level, duration, number of hours of instruction), and proof of acceptance. Any award is retroactive, contingent on the applicant meeting all other expenses, including travel, room and board, and successfully completing the language program with a minimum grade of B.