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Digital Fund Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

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The Donor Relations Office is excited to announce that, starting this year, fund reports will be delivered digitally. You will receive the link to your report(s) in a secure email from, and reports will have an enhanced new look. 

Please read the list of frequently asked questions below to learn more about your digital fund report(s). If we do not have your updated email address, please complete this form so you can receive this year's report. For any additional questions, please contact Donor Relations at (440) 775-6785 or We look forward to sharing incredible stories of success – all made possible by your generous support.

How will digital reports be delivered, and is this a secure format?

Fund reports will be delivered digitally through a secure platform. You will receive the link to your report(s) in an email from, and the link will bring you to a unique landing page (that only you can access) where your report will open. You will have the option to download the files, print at home, or request a printed copy.

What can I expect in my digital fund report?

Digital fund reports will include fund activity as well as some highlights from the past fiscal year. The design of fund reports has been reimagined, but your digital report will contain the same financial and impact information that you are used to seeing in printed reports.

Can I still have a printed copy of my report?

Yes! Just let us know at (440) 775-6785 or or select "Request a printed copy" when you receive your digital report.

How can I update my email address?

Fill out this form to give us your updated email address.

Contact us with any other questions