Academic Advising Resource Center

Student Entertainment Reimbursement

Individual advisors may request reimbursement through the AARC for some of the personal expenses incurred when entertaining advisees or students.  This is outside of any departmental activities and is meant to facilitate positive relationships.  There is a limit of one event per semester per group, i.e., you may provide snacks or meals for your advisees and/or the students in your class(es) once each semester.  

Reimbursements may be requested for:

  • Meals:  $4.00 per person, up to $55.00 per event; or
  • Snacks:  $1.50 per person, up to $33.00 per event.

The deadline for requests for reimbursement is the final day of each semester.  

While the event itself does not need to be preapproved, the request for reimbursement must be reviewed by the AARC to determine eligibility.  After the event, no later than the last day of the semester, the necessary materials must be submitted to the AARC, and the request will be entered in Chrome River.

The steps below detail the process.

  1. Complete and save or print the Student Entertainment Reimbursement Form.
  2. Scan the signed form, original receipts, and class list (if needed) to the email address on the form.  
  3. Assign the AARC delegate in Chrome River as directed on the Student Entertainment Reimbursement Form.
  4. Approve the reimbursement request when alerted by Chrome River.  Your supervisor will also be asked to approve the request as a formality.  The actual approval was given by the AARC prior to the delegate entering it into Chrome River.

Reimbursements are now handled through Chrome River.  Chrome River can be accessed through OberView by entering Chrome River in the search bar, or by clicking here: Chrome River.  In order to preapprove your request for student entertainment reimbursement, it is necessary to add a delegate to your personal Chrome River account.  The following information is a generic step by step guide on how to do so.  The appropriate AARC delegate is detailed on the Student Entertainment Reimbursement Form.

Adding a Delegate in Chrome River