Oberlin Offers New Electronic Locker System for Student Mail

October 20, 2022 3:00 AM

Student Mail Room

As part of the upcoming Wilder Hall renovation and to better accommodate students’ busy schedules and improve the efficiency of processing more than 70,000 packages annually, Oberlin is installing electronic parcel lockers in Wilder Hall. The lockers will provide secure package pickup during Wilder Hall’s hours of operation, allowing students fast, worry-free package retrieval at a time convenient to them.

  • Packages and letter mail will be delivered Monday-Saturday and loaded into the Wilder Hall lockers by mail room staff.
  • Students will get an email with locker codes/barcode. Packages and letter mail  should be picked up from lockers within 72 hours. 
  • Students will go to the appropriate locker location at their convenience. Lockers are available while Wilder Hall is open. (Hours may vary based on time of year.)
  • Students walk up to the console and enter their code or scan the barcode.
  • Students sign for the package on the console.
  • A locker will pop open for package and letter mail  retrieval.
  • Students should close the door.

FAQ’s for Electronic Parcel Lockers

What happens if you can’t pick up your package and letter mail  within 72 hours?

  • If the locker package is not picked up within 72 hours, if the package  is oversized, or requires refrigeration, students will be notified to go directly to the student mailroom window during regular business hours to obtain their packages. During break times (fall/spring break and winter term), these hours will be extended.
  • Packages are held for 96 hours. After 96 hours, the package is returned to the sender (RTS) unless arrangements to hold the package are made in advance. 
  • For added convenience, and to avoid RTS, when a student is unable to pick up their package timely, they may simply forward their package notification email to a roommate or friend to pick up the package. The mail room will not be responsible for packages and letter mail  not retrieved from a roommate/friend.

What if I closed the locker door before I took my package and letter mail out?

  • Your locker codes are active for 15 minutes after locker door is closed by user.  Go to the console and re-enter your codes.

What if I lost my locker codes?

  • Lost locker codes and be reissued by the student mailroom. Please bring your student ID to the window during regular business hours.

What if my package and letter mail  is no longer held in the locker?

  • After 72 hours, your package and letter mail  is moved from the locker to the Student Mail Room, where it will be held for an additional 24 hours.

What if my codes do not work?

  • Go to the student mailroom window for assistance. Please bring your student ID.

Can a friend pick up my package and letter mail  from the locker if I give them my codes?

  • Yes.  However, if they have issues at the locker with pickup, they cannot get assistance or any re-issued codes. Only the package and letter mail  recipient can request re-issued locker codes. The mail room will not be responsible for packages and letter mail  not retrieved from a roommate/friend.