Sarah Wilker

  • Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics
  • Thomas F. Cooper Post-Doctoral Fellow


Sarah Wilker joined Oberlin in fall 2023. Her research interests include Classical and Mediterranean archaeology, ancient economic history, economic sociology, maritime archaeology, social network analysis, and the computational study of the human past.

Prior to arriving at Oberlin, Wilker completed her PhD at Stanford University with the dissertation ‘The Social Life of Ancient Markets: Using Formal Network Approaches and Ceramic Data to Reconceptualize Market Behavior in the Late Classical–Early Hellenistic (400-200 BCE) Southeast Aegean.” She is an active fieldwork archaeologist and has worked on archaeological projects across Italy, Turkey, Greece, and the United States, focusing specifically on ceramic materials. She works as a ceramicist and field director of finds and analysis for the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in southeast Sicily.

At Oberlin, Sarah teaches courses on Greek history and archaeology, as well as intermediate and advanced classes in ancient Greek and Latin. She has previously instructed classes in Greek history, Roman archaeology, maritime archaeology, and ancient Greek language.

Fall 2023

History of Greece — CLAS 103
History of Greece — HIST 130

Spring 2024

Intermediate Latin II: Roman Prose — LATN 202
Intermediate Greek: Herodotus — GREK 221
Advanced Greek: Herodotus — GREK 321