Robert Carr Pool

Photo of Robert Carr Pool
The Robert Carr Pool.
Photo credit: Yvett Chen '16

Located in the Jesse Philips Physical Education Center and renovated in 2018, Carr Pool features ten 25-yard lanes along with a pair of one-meter and three-meter springboards. Newly added support spaces include a wet classroom, meet management area, and a hot tub. A shallow recreation lane has been added as well to allow for walk-in entry and accommodate learn-to-swim and therapy programming. Glass windows have been added to south side of the facility to enhance the pool environment with natural lighting. Carr Pool is the home for the Oberlin College swimming and diving programs and is used for recreation, swim lessons, aquatics classes, and high school and club practices and meets.

The facility is named for Oberlin’s ninth president, Robert Kenneth Carr, a distinguished scholar of law and political science who served from 1960–1970.