Old Barrows

Exterior of Old Barrows.
Photo credit: Kevin Reeves

Walk five minutes south of campus and you’ll stumble upon Old Barrows, a beautiful brick, pillared building with a grand front porch and a large luscious lawn in front. Some have cited Old B for being inconveniently far away, while others appreciate its privacy away from central campus.

Old Barrows Women and Trans Collective Mission Statement

Old Barrows is a safe residential community for anyone who identifies as female or trans, regardless of race, nationality, religion, assigned sex, or sexual orientation. Old Barrows provides a safe space for engaging in discussion regarding gender and sexual orientation, and for challenging dominant heteronormative, patriarchal paradigms. Residents seek to provide and support programs around campus that advocate for women/trans people and challenge systems of oppression. We aim to build a strong community in our house, and to forge relationships with organizations and individuals across campus who support Old Barrow’s mission.