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Vivian Seeley Retires

June 24, 2013
Communications Staff

Vivian Seeley retired July 31, 2012, after working 15 years as grill/counter/cashier primarily in the Stevenson, Wilder, and Dascomb dining halls. She joined the staff of Oberlin College in 1997 after having worked at First Merit Bank.

Seeley says she misses the students and her coworkers. Of the former, she says she ”truly enjoyed the kids,” and spent the first year of her retirement returning to campus about once a month for their recitals and events. She characterizes the latter as “so very kind” and says she enjoyed getting to know and working with them.

During retirement Seeley is remaining active, traveling to visit with her children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild and keeping up with yard work.


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