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Veterans’ Trailers at Oberlin College

November 8, 2019
Communications Staff
military veteran with his wife outside of a trailer during the winter.
A military veteran with his wife outside of a trailer during the winter. Photo credit: Courtesy of Oberlin College Archives

"In Oberlin History" is a series dedicated to notable events in Oberlin College history. It is created in partnership with the Office of Communications and Oberlin College Archives.

After the end of World War II, veterans, along with their wives and children, returned to Oberlin to attend the college as civilian students. Many of these veterans were students who attended Oberlin College prior to enlisting in the armed services.

Veterans began to occupy former college housing, but the number of veterans returning to Oberlin was steadily increasing. On December 31, 1945, the Oberlin Prudential Committee voted to secure housing for around 350 single veterans and veteran families. The Federal Public Housing Administration provided 50 trailers to be placed on North Lorain and Woodland streets. The trailers served as temporary places of residence for veterans until January 31, 1952.

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