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Six Professors Retire from the Faculty

May 25, 2013
Communications Staff
portraits of six different professors retiring from faculty

Six professors are retiring at the end of this academic year.

Mark Braford, professor of biology and neuroscience, is retiring after having worked at Oberlin College for 27 years. Read More.

French and American flutist Kathleen Chastain is retiring after 20 years at the Conservatory of Music. Read More.

Professor of Computer Science John Donaldson’s Oberlin roots go back to the 1880s, when his great grandparents were Oberlin students. Read More.

Professor of Chemistry William H. Fuchsman joined the Oberlin faculty in 1970. He retired this past February. Read More.

Professor of Anthropology Jack Glazier joined the Oberlin faculty in 1971, not long after returning to the United States from anthropological fieldwork in an African community on the Mt. Kenya periphery. Read More.

Professor of Biology and Neuroscience Catherine McCormick calls her 27 years on the faculty “an adventure in teaching and research.” Read More.


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