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Q&A with Tina Zwegat

February 28, 2018

Communications Staff

Tina Zwegat
Tina Zwegat sits on the stage inside Finney Chapel, one of the many performance spaces on campus.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

“Q&A with…” is a series dedicated to introducing staff members to the Oberlin community. We are highlighting one staff member each week. Is there someone you’d like to nominate? Please get in touch.

Tina Zwegat works in Wilder Hall as associate director of the student union and director of orientation and student activities. This means she has a hand in many of the incredible concerts, lectures, and other activities that happen on campus. Zwegat also coordinates both orientation and Parents and Family Weekend. 

Get to know more about Zwegat in this Q&A.

Describe your role in six words.
I assist in creating fun experiences.

Favorite spot on campus?
Of course, Wilder Hall—especially our new lobby. Come visit!

What's your passion?
I truly love to travel to see new places and experience new things.

Where did you grow up?
Outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Favorite class in college or school?
Economics, because the professor was very dedicated and engaging.

If you could have witnessed one event in history what would it be?
I would love to have witnessed the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

Last book you read?
Ill Will by Dan Chaon.

Who are the most important people in your life?
My husband and my daughter. We enjoy spending time with one another, and they provide me with perspective, humor, and balance.


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