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President's Office Welcomes New Staff Members

August 27, 2020

Communications Staff

The Office of the President is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Gravens and Emily Speerbrecher in their new roles overseeing the college's layered health care strategy in responding to COVID-19.

Kathleen (Katie) Gravens, PhD, RN, is joining the office as the COVID-19 Campus Health Coordinator. Gravens has extensive experience in higher education and as a program director and nursing faculty member serving Lakeland Community College. Among other relevant positions, Gravens also held positions as a nurse practitioner with the Lorain County Public Health Department. Gravens will play a key role in helping the college navigate our health strategy in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily Speerbrecher is joining the office as the COVID-19 Project Coordinator and is helping support the office in other areas as Ginny O’Dell moves into retirement. Speerbrecher has been with the college since 2014, first as the assistant director of public programs. Most recently, Speerbrecher held the position of associate director of donor relations in the Office of Advancement. 

The campus community will be seeing and hearing from Gravens and Speerbrecher as we move forward with the six-pillar health care strategy and respond to the ever-changing world of the pandemic.


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