An Obertones Winter Concert

December 16, 2020
Yvonne Gay
A panel of 12 singers.
Members of the Obertones are seniors Max Addae, Patrick Wai, and Barnaby Woods; juniors Ben Cohen, Robbie Gold, and Noah Plotkin; sophomores Elliot Davey, Puck Hartsough, Nihal Kodavarti, Julian Lee-Sursin, and Jordan Muschler; and first-year students Liam Oates, Orion Pendley, and Adam Wise. Photo credit: Courtesy of the Obertones

The Obertones recently presented a virtual winter concert.

The five-song concert was rehearsed, recorded, and produced remotely. The show also featured several new arrangements by members of the group. “We have a lot more coming this year and we hope you’ll stay tuned,” stated the group’s Facebook page.

Relax and enjoy the show. 


An Obertones Winter Concert

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