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Jan Flynn Retires

June 24, 2013

Communications Staff

Jan L. Flynn retired February 11, 2013, after 15 years as a baker in the college’s bake shop, whose employees provide quality baked goods to the student dining halls. “I have enjoyed not only providing for the daily needs in the dining halls,” she says, but also the birthday, wedding, and holiday decorated cakes, “will always hold special memories.” She says it also was a pleasure to “work with the students, Darlene, Dorothy, and Gary Rucker(our unsung hero).”

Students will always hold a special place in my heart,” says Flynn. “They are the heart of Oberlin College, and I have been blessed to have shared time with them. I keep in touch with them now, even as they have moved away and on to their dreams. The opportunity to interact and learn from them is an incredible gift. They have enriched my life. Thank you, Oberlin, for providing a great environment for learning for both the students and staff.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Oberlin College for providing the means for my children to attend the college of their choice. That is a benefit that is extraordinary, and I do appreciate it.”

During her time at Oberlin, Flynn was a member of the U.A.W. She served as a trustee for the local and was a member of the bargaining committee.

She says her plans for retirement are “first to get my back mended and to never get up at 4 a.m., unless it’s because I just can’t sleep. I plan to continue the journey of life with Eric (nearly 40 years now), and my children and grandchildren.”


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