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Faculty and Staff Honored for Years of Service

April 29, 2013

Communications Staff

“Oberlin’s standing as one of the world’s great colleges relies on the hard work of hundreds of people doing all kinds of jobs,” President Marvin Krislov told those gathered in the Science Center’s Perlik Commons on April 22 for the college’s 2013 Service Awards Banquet. The annual banquet honors those celebrating milestone anniversaries of employment with Oberlin Colege—25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years.

“I’m happy to be here to help honor the women and men who have served Oberlin so well for so many years,” said President Krislov. “You make Oberlin special. Your ideas, your energy, and your dedication make this college and this town great. ”

Service Award Honorees, 2013

We honor those who have been here for 25 years

Wendy Brill, Office Manager II, Printing Services
Kelly Bromley, Departmental Technician, Office of Communications
Peter Brubaker, CHP Engineer, Heating & Cooling Plant
Allen Cadwallader, Professor, Music Theory
Sally Clark, Custodian, Custodial Service Center
Eric Cowley, Production Manager, Technical Director, Conservatory of Music
Leo Evans, Facility Planner, Assistant Director Facilities Planning and Construction
Bobby Ferrazza, Associate Professor, Jazz Studies
David Hale, Custodian, Custodial Service Center
Nusha Martynuk, Professor, Director of Theater and Dance Program
Connie Matlin, Business Manager, Conservatory of Music
Carter McAdams, Professor, Theater and Dance Program
Suzanne Overstreet, Departmental Secretary II, Creative Writing Program
Marlene Rosen, Professor, Vocal Studies
Sarah Schuster, Associate Professor, Chair, Art Studio
Anthony Scott, Grounds Specialist, Grounds Service Center
Sharon Shaffstall, Financial Assistant II, Financial Services
Dorothy Sharp, Baker, Campus Dining Services
Ann Sherif, Professor, East Asian Studies
Douglas Simmons, CHP Engineer, Heating & Cooling Plant
Sherian West, Custodian, Custodial Service Center
Clovis White, Associate Professor, Sociology Department

We honor those who have been here for 30 years

Susan Colley, Delaney Professor, Chair of Mathematics Department
William Patrick Day, Professor/Chair English Department
James Dobbins, J H Fairchild Professor, Religion Department
Sidney Geist, Vehicle, Equipment Maintenance Repair Technician, Grounds Service Center
Fred Lowery, Client Support Analyst, Client Services
Dianne Mahar, Campus Security Officer II, Campus Security
F. Stephan Mayer, Norman Henderson Professor, Psychology Department
Michael Nee, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Alison Ricker, Science Librarian, Library Operations
Lisa Walker, Departmental Assistant II, Admissions
Carrol Wilhelm, Departmental Assistant I, Physical Education Department
Gayle Willis, Grounds Specialist, Grounds Service Center
Milton Wyman, Head Trucker, Service & Transportation Pool

We honor those who have been here for 35 years

Yeworkwha Belachew, Ombudsperson, Office of Communications
Janice Blanco, Administrative Secretary I, Dean of Studies
Johnny Cash, HVAC Technician, Heating & Air Conditioning
Michael Fahler, Plumber, Plumbers Service Center
Michael Karney, Electrician, Electrician Service Center
John Knight, Professor, Music Education Department
Clayton Koppes, Professor, History Department
Michael Manderen, Director, Conservatory Admissions
Elesa Rosasco, Associate Professor, Theater and Dance Program
John Talbert, Electronic Music Engineer, TIMARA
Bruce Wohleber, Campus Security Officer II, Campus Security

We honor those who have been here for 40 years

Beverly Berner, Administrative Secretary II, Investment Office
Warren Darcy, Professor, Music Theory
Phyllis Jones, Library Technician V, Library Operations
Lois Kane, Library Technician IV, Library Operations

We honor those who have been here for 45 years

Steven Krisha, Painter, Painters Service Center

We honor those who have been here 50 years

Hirschel Kasper, Professor, Economics

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