A Conversation with Indie Pop-Punk Musician Sarah Gargano ’20

December 6, 2019

Jane Hobson ’22

Woman holding a guitar while standing outside in a parking lot.
Sarah Gargano released a video for her song ‘‘Second Chance’’ and plans to release a new EP.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Sarah Gargano

The Big Takeover recently published an interview featuring musician Sarah Gargano ’20. In the interview, she discussed her musical influences, the subject matter of her songs, and her newest EP. 

We wanted to have our own chat with Sarah and find out what she’s been up to.

What do you study at Oberlin?

“I’m a sociology and creative writing double major and a gender, sexuality, and feminist studies minor.”

You are currently studying abroad in Europe. Can you tell us about that experience?

“I spent a semester in Copenhagen in the fall of 2018 and am now doing a semester in London. In Copenhagen, I was studying prostitution and the sex trade, which is probably my favorite course I’ve taken in college. I loved that semester, but I felt like I didn’t delve into career endeavors, so I decided to do another semester abroad. Currently, I’m interning at an organization called Festicket, volunteering for Sofar Sounds, and playing my music at as many pubs as I can. It’s been great for me musically.”

What have you been involved with at Oberlin outside of the classroom?

“I was the chair of the songwriting organization. I brought an artist in and helped plan songwriting-related events. I was also involved with Students United For Reproductive Freedom and went to a couple of their conferences.”

How have your studies related to your music?

“I think practicing creative writing in all forms expands your songwriting skills. Sociology is a study of people, and I write a lot about my relationships. I’m aware that being a woman has a lot to do with the dynamic of my relationships, and being aware of that is important to my process of writing about my feelings. And, because I’m a woman, my art is often trivialized. For instance, when women make art about breakups, they are often called ‘crazy ex-girlfriends.’”

Why are you passionate about music?

“I think I mostly need to make art as catharsis, but I’ve also always wanted it to be my career because of the personal significance of my relationship to music, especially to my mental health. I always felt like it was sort of my duty to try to make other people feel heard and understood in a way that only music can. I feel so fulfilled when people reach out to me and tell me about a situation they’re going through and how relatable one of my songs is to their situation.”

Gargano released the music video for her song Second Chance earlier this fall and plans to release her new travel-based EP soon. Read her interview with The Big Takeover.

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