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After Oberlin

What lies ahead for Oberlin graduates? They’ve risen to the challenge of rigorous academics, they’ve pursued their passions and taken advantage of real-world experience, and now they’re ready to forge their own paths.

Follow recent grads as they land in highly coveted positions and career-making internships and graduate programs.

A Career in the Creative Side of Journalism

Justine Goode ’16 has always wanted to work at a print magazine in either a design or an editorial capacity. Today, the former editor of the Grape , Oberlin's alternative student newspaper, is fulfilling both career goals at Vanity Fair .
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A woman stands next to a body of water across from downtown New York.

A Singer Gets Philosophical

January 14, 2019

Double-degree mezzo-soprano Perri di Christina '16 looks back on her Oberlin years and ahead to a special reunion.
Perri di Christina.

Victor Lau ’17: Kitchen Administrator

November 29, 2018

Victor Lau ’17 is adapting to a new career path by applying his quantitative skills and experience with Oberlin’s dining co-ops to his job.
Victor Lau

An Obie Teaching English: Sam Bernhard ’16

November 26, 2018

Sam Bernhard’s passion for literature and social justice has landed him a job as a high school English teacher at Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina.
Sam Bernhard ’16