Kai Li

  • Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Areas of Study


  • BA, Beijing Normal University, 1969


Research Interests: Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese calligraphy.

Teaching Interests: Chinese language, traditional Chinese literature, classical Chinese, Chinese calligraphy.

Fall 2023

Readings in Chinese Literature — CHIN 401
Classical Chinese — CHIN 457
Capstone Project — CHIN 500

Spring 2024

Chinese Calligraphy — EAST 120
Readings in Society, History and Contemporary Events — CHIN 402
Traditional Chinese Culture — CHIN 410
Capstone Project — CHIN 500


The Hectic and Gratifying Life of a CNN Producer

March 17, 2021

Matthew Kendrick’s passion for shooting and editing video led to a position as an associate producer with CNN political commentator Fareed Zakaria. Today, he reflects on his experiences and offers advice to students who have hopes of working in the broadcast journalism industry.