Impact Investment Advisory Group Hosts Virtual Roundtable

May 23, 2024 1:45 PM

Investment Office

The Impact Investment Advisory Group (IIAG), a working group charged with advising Oberlin’s Investment Committee on matters related to the endowment’s Impact Investment Platform, hosted its inaugural Oberlin Impact Investing Roundtable in April.

The virtual event united student members of the IIAG with members of similar impact organizations from other colleges. Among those joining the students were Chief Investment Officer Jun Yang, Investment Committee Chairman Sean Gavin ’98, IIAG faculty advisor Leonard Smith, and numerous Oberlin trustees and alumni.

Discussion included critical topics shaping the future of investment strategies faced by educational institutions such as student leadership and shareholder engagement, impact investment frameworks, and the role of fiduciaries. The roundtable fostered collaborative exchanges and embraced diverse perspectives, offering valuable insights to Oberlin’s students, staff, board, and partners.

This ongoing dialogue underscores Oberlin’s dedication to responsible investment practices that drive positive impact and value for stakeholders. Learn more about the IIAG on the Investment Office website.