Paid Time Off (PTO) Update

June 13, 2023 3:30 PM

Department of Human Resources

As a reminder to all A&PS employees, effective July 1, 2023, the College will be transitioning to a new Paid Time Policy (PTO); a new accrual process for leave time; and in collaboration with our partners in CIT, the creation of a new reporting/request portal for tracking leave. 

For this first year:

  • A&PS and Confidential full-time employees who have been employed since July 1, 2022, will begin with 176 hours (equivalent of 22 days) in their PTO bank and may bank up to a maximum of 456 hours (equivalent of 57 days) of PTO.
  • A&PS and Confidential employees who begin employment after July 1 of a fiscal year, or who are on less than full-time, 12-month appointments, will begin accruing PTO at a prorated amount.
  • A&PS and Confidential will not be able to carry-over any time from 2022-2023 for this first year of the PTO program. In future years, employees may carry-over up to 120 hours (equivalent of 15 days).

Within the next couple of weeks, 1-page learning guides and short videos will be disseminated to aid staff in accessing the new, very user-friendly portal, which is both very simple to use for recording, requesting and approving time, as well as, easy to find.   

In the meantime, the PTO policy and FAQ's can be found on the HR website here.