Campus Bulletin: Faculty and Staff, ObieSafe

Sign Up for Your January 2021 Return-to-Campus COVID-19 Test Appointment

December 7, 2020 5:00 PM

Human Resources

Faculty and staff who will be on campus this spring and do not have a health restriction precluding them from being tested must be screened for COVID-19. Please follow the instructions below to schedule your January 2021 COVID-19 test. You will receive a separate email to schedule monthly appointments when testing schedules are available for sign-up.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Begin by watching this video tutorial on how to schedule your test. Beginning in January, you will schedule all of your COVID-19 tests through the COVID-19 Test Appointment Scheduling task in OberView. This new scheduling system allows you to view your own upcoming appointments and reschedule through OberView as needed.

Sign up for one test between January 6 and 22. You must schedule your January test by Monday, December 14.

On Test Day

At your designated appointment time, go to Hales Gymnasium (180 W. Lorain Street). Enter through the doors near the Cat in the Cream for surveillance testing. Please be prompt, as arriving late could delay testing for others. While appointments are brief (approximately 30 minutes), we ask that you make 1 hour available to allow for possible delays.

When you enter the building, Mercy Health – Allen Hospital employees will take your temperature and ask you questions the Centers for Disease Control requires. Then you will complete a consent form and answer questions the Ohio Department of Health requires. In order to be tested, you must know or have quick access to your T#.  You will then be directed to wait until a health care professional becomes available to take your sample. For details on the testing process, visit the COVID-19 Testing Overview bulletin.

If you prefer, you can print and fill out your consent form ahead of time. The consent form must be signed in the presence of a witness; if you do not have a witness, bring your form unsigned and you can sign it at the time of your test. Please do not fill in the Ohio Department of Health questionnaire ahead of time.