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ObieSafe Weekly: August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020 12:15 PM

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Leaders address prevention strategies; dorm room design in a pandemic

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coronavirus Testing Results
Total Tests Processed to Date
Tests Administered 1,083
Positive Tests 2
% Positive 0.185%
Results include students, faculty, staff, and vendors.
Visit the ObieSafe website for more information about testing.

An important message from President Ambar to students

We've all seen the recent reports from other colleges and universities, where student behavior has triggered outbreaks of COVID-19 and forced the schools to alter their well-laid plans to reopen in person. President Ambar has confidence that Oberlin can avoid a similar outcome.

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Oberlin community update: leaders address COVID-19 prevention strategies

In a panel discussion, President Carmen Ambar joins Lorain County Public Health Commissioner David Covell and Oberlin City Manager Rob Hillard in answering questions from the community.

View the panel discussion

Request for documentation from insurance carriers

Recently, the college has received some requests from families for documentation of the testing program to support potential insurance claims. We are working with our testing partners to provide students with documentation. We expect to finalize this documentation in the next few weeks, and will share an update in the ObieSafe Weekly. Please note that the information will not be released directly to insurance carriers by the college. Families should clarify their carrier’s coverage for asymptomatic testing such as that offered through the college’s testing program.

Peer Advising Leaders create PSAs

Zoom screenshot with 6 participants.Keeping each other safe this semester is going to be a community effort. Last week, incoming students met in their PAL cohorts to create COVID-19 safety PSAs. We received many incredible submissions, but ultimately only one could be included in the ObieSafe Weekly—this practical demonstration of important safety practices created by members of the Date Tree and Tulip Tree cohorts. With the semester just around the corner, we should all be sure to follow their example! Check out the PAL Twitter page to see more submissions.

A bright, cheerfully decorated dorm room.
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones

Dorm room design in a pandemic 

Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan '89 talks dorm room design tips for students, paying particular attention to the opportunities and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

Read Ryan's advice on dorm decor

Scioto Services is new custodial provider

The company is employing a cleaning and sanitizing strategy that will require some adjustments on the part of our faculty and staff.

Read about custodial services

Report instances of noncompliance

Faculty, staff, and students can issue comments when they believe members of the campus community were not following the COVID-19 guidelines of the Community Agreement.

Submit to the noncompliance form (Oberlin login required)

Beware of questionable emails

Please be aware that there are questionable emails circulating to Oberlin students regarding contact tracing. You will be contacted via phone by a team of Oberlin contact tracers as well as your county Board of Health. Do not respond to email inquiries.

Questions we've been asked

Q. What kind of symptoms should I report to the Full Measure survey?

A. Full Measure is one strategy to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The survey reminds the entire Oberlin campus community to monitor how they feel every day. The Full Measure symptom questions ask you to report symptoms that are "different from normal." For example, if you have allergies and experience frequent congestion and a runny nose, respond "no" to the question as this is your norm. This is true for any typical symptoms you experience. However, if your symptoms are unusual and you do not feel well, please answer the survey honestly. Stay home and contact Student Health Service or, for employees, your healthcare provider.

Read more in the Health: COVID-19 Monitoring, Testing and Response section of the reopening FAQs.

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