Bent Corridor

In the sunny Bent Corridor, people gather around research project posters on easels.
Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research gets under way in the Bent Corridor.
Photo credit: Yvette Chen '16

The George R. and Ruth Schoeni Bent Corridor (Bent Corridor) is a wide airy hallway in the Science Center that serves as a exhibit space for a range of campus and community activities. Bent Corridor is used for such recurring events as the Senior Symposium, the Celebration of Undergraduate Research, Greenhouse Plant Sale, student art shows, health and wellness fairs, and more.

The space is named for Oberlin College alum George R. Bent II and his wife, Ruth Schoeni, a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory, both Class of 1952. Bent was a former chair of the board of trustees and was instrumental in developing Oberlin’s retirement community.