Amy Larson


  • Visiting Assistant Professor

Areas of Study


Amy Larson (she/her) is a professional contemporary dancer and Pilates instructor/studio owner living in Oberlin. She began her dance training at a young age in Madison, WI and received her degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. During her time as an undergrad, she discovered the wonderful benefits of a Pilates practice and developed a passion for somatic and body-mind practices. Amy spent most of her twenties living in NYC and performing as a freelance dancer. During that time she completed an extensive Pilates teacher training program and spent thousands of hours teaching one-on-one lessons and group classes all over the city. Amy now runs her own Pilates studio in downtown Oberlin and continues to dance and perform with choreographers and companies in Cleveland including Inlet Dance Theatre, Sarah Holmes Villanueva, Melissa Ajayi and Elu Dance Company. She is thrilled to be teaching a class at Oberlin College this fall!

Spring 2025

Mind-Body Practices: An Introduction to Somatics — DANC 202
Body Re-Education and Functional Anatomy — DANC 221