Share What You Value Most About Oberlin

As Oberlin College alumni, you are proud ambassadors and representatives of Oberlin. Your personal stories bring the college to life in powerful and authentic ways and make a profound impression on prospective students and families who are considering a liberal arts education.

President Ambar has recently launched a video series  on campus in which students, faculty, and staff share what they value most about Oberlin. As an extension of this project, we ask that you film a short “what I value most about my Oberlin experience” video of your own.

All approaches to answering the question are most welcome. Each video brings us closer to capturing the full-spectrum story of Oberlin’s value in the world—from its academic and musical excellence, to its compelling legacy of entrepreneurship, creativity, and social justice.

Please follow these instructions before filming your video:
  • Please keep the length of the video under one minute.
  • Turn your phone to record a horizontal aspect ratio (16x9) instead of vertical phone format.
  • Find a quiet location without too much street noise or traffic to ensure clear audio recording.
  • If near a large window or source of natural/bright light, face toward the light rather than away from it to avoid harsh backlighting.
  • If outside, try to find an area of shade to film under to avoid harsh sunlight.

 By submitting your video, you agree to allow Oberlin to use its content online and possibly in print. If we believe your video needs to be edited for any reason, we will seek your permission before publishing. 

 All alumni who submit a video will receive a free sheet of Oberlin stickers shown below.

Oberlin Stickers