Aida Baptista

  • Manager for Student Health and Wellbeing


Aida assumed position as Manager of the Student Health and Wellbeing in December of 2022. She manages various administrative support for four departments/programs, including ObieSafe. She also provides inclusive support for the Executive Director of Student Health Wellbeing.

Prior to joining Oberlin, Aida worked in a profit company, not-for-profit international organizations, and a government institution performing various roles. She has also worked with the United Nations Mission.

She earned an MBA at Akron University, MSc at Nordland University in Norway, and a BBS from Massey University, New Zealand. She is also a Fulbright Alumni. Aida gained a deep appreciation of diversity and understanding of what others go through by submerging herself in the cultures of the three different countries she studied in. She plans on using this experience when connecting with Oberlin College students.

When she is not behind her desk, Aida loves spending time in the great outdoors and travelling. However, when the weather turns cold, Aida appreciates staying inside and connecting with others.