Adam J. Howat

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics

Areas of Study


  • BA, English, University of Iowa, 2005
  • BA, political science, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 2012
  • MA, political science, Northwestern University, 2016
  • PhD, American politics, political science, Northwestern University, 2019


Adam Howat is a visiting assistant professor of politics and postdoctoral fellow. His research focuses on the politics of identity and polarization. He is particularly interested in the ways in which people’s perceptions of groups’ characteristics and values impact intergroup political conflict and coalition building.

Howat has two current book projects: one investigating the effects of group identities, core values, and value perceptions on intergroup politics, as well as a coauthored project examining people’s mental images of Democratic and Republican Party supporters and how those stereotypes contribute to partisan polarization.

His research has been published in Political Behavior; Politics, Groups, and Identities; PS: Political Science and Politics; Social Science Quarterly; and the Journal of Political Science Education.

He teaches courses on social movements and quantitative research methods.

Fall 2023

Introduction to American Politics — POLT 100
Topics in Political Psychology — POLT 304

Spring 2024

Political Research and Analysis — POLT 205
Social Movements and the Policy Process — POLT 207
American Voting and Elections — POLT 272